DR. Schulze’s DRS-FLOOR® invites distributors for cooperation

DR. Schulze’s DRS-FLOOR® invites distributors for cooperation

Dr.Schulze GmbH has 35+ years of experience in development and manufacturing of diamond tools and related machines and belongs to the leading European manufacturers.
Currently we have 4 own production facilities in Germany and 1 in Czech Republic. With our staff of more than 100, we supply more than 40 countries worldwide.

Besides our products for concrete drilling and sawing  as well as for  natural stone processing applications,  in the past few years we developed a new product group, called DRS-FLOOR® with an  aim to provide our customers with a complete flooring solution from a single source. DRS-FLOOR® surface preparation range comprises single and multi-disk grinding machines, single head polishers, milling/scarifying machines, shot blasters, crack chasers, vacuum cleaners, dust collectors and chemicals for concrete. Besides innovative lithium-silicate treatments, we offer rapid setting polyurea and polyurethane products for joint filling and surface repairing.

We are expanding with our DRS-FLOOR® product range worldwide and invite distributors for long-term, mutually beneficial collaboration.

What can we offer to You?

- complete solutions for all kinds of flooring projects from a single source

- full range of chemicals for transformation of normal concrete to the high-performance industrial floor
- complete range of materials for repairing cracks, joints and all other surface defects
- heavy-duty machines for all types of floor processing
- diamond tools from our own production in Germany for any application
- wide range of dust collectors, separators and further accessories.


-non-stop customer service seven days a week for all technical and commercial questions.

- DRS-FLOOR engineers provide suggestions for sequence of working steps, application of chemicals,recommend optimum method for achieving the required floor quality, and provide estimation of project-costs.


-flooring seminars

- In our Floor Competence Center   near Berlin  we organize two-day long seminars - DRS-FLOOR CAMPs  and provide the participants with the essential theoretical and practical knowledge in terms of floor polishing, coating removal, floor repair.



-competitive discounts
-short lead times


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