DRS-Floor EN

22 DRS-FLOOR ® LITHIUM Price per piece, ex works. Our general conditions are valid. For articles marked with the conditions for machines are valid. Dr. Schulze GmbH presents a full range of lithium-based chemicals for concrete treatment and maintenance to be applied in: - production facilities - warehouses and storage buildings - car parkings - aviation hangars - freight terminals - hospitals and medical facilities - food industry estates - shopping malls - cinemas, schools, shops - hotels, offices - entrance halls, stairs - living premises Advantages of DRS-FLOOR ® LITHIUM against sodium and potassium: - smallest atom size - lowest viscosity - lowest alkalinity (slow and consistent reaction between lithium densifier and concrete) - penetrates deep into the concrete - creates thick, hard and resistant layer on the concrete surface - doesn´t enter any reaction with water - doesn´t form salt debris after application or after contact with water - doesn´t require any salt cleaning procedure after application Functions of DRS-FLOOR ® concrete treatments: - hardens the structure of the concrete - protects the surface against wear - increases the impact and compressive strength of concrete - increases water, stain and chemical repellence - makes surface easy-to-clean - improves the natural appearance - prevents dusting of the surface - decreases risk of micro-cracking DRS-FLOOR ® LITHIUM CONCRETE TREATMENTS