DRS-Floor EN

2828 Price per piece, ex works. Our general conditions are valid. For articles marked with the conditions for machines are valid. The one and only: Full automatic floor grinder DBS-820-4H A-LASER A new line of innovative, completely in-house produced shot blasting machines Metzger/McGuire: Permanent and durable repair of cracks, joints, pores and other surface defects in less than 30 minutes!!! The revolutionary, fully automatic, laser controlled 4-disc-grinding machine with planetary gear, large 7“ touch-screen, hydraulic lift mechanism and electric traction drive for big projects with high requirements to floor evenness. The DBS-820-4H A-LASER sets standards of efficiency, simpleness of operations, achievable grinding tolerances particularly when used in high bay warehouses with automated transport systems. With DSBM-200, DSBM-250 and DSBM-400 Dr. Schulze GmbH offers three shot blasting machines with closed circuit of blasting grit, designed for fast processing of large areas and therefore ideally suited for industrial buildings, roads, parking areas, runways, ship decks etc. The machine´s robust design ensures highest daily outputs while the ergonomic position of all control elements and the automatic feed guarantee fatigue-proof operation. Dr. Schulze GmbH presents Metzger/McGuire - innovative joint fillers and products for repair of surface defects - high-performance products - developed for trafficked floors - full load capacity in 30-120 minutes (!!!) - low viscosity allows repairs of cracks without cutting/widening (!!!) - no smudging or smearing during polishing and grinding - most products available in colorfast colors (more than 70 colors) - 100% environment-friendly and solvent-free Ask for our new catalogue for floor repair solutions! - FULLY AUTOMATIC - INTELLIGENT - PRECISE - EFFECTIVE - FAST - RELIABLE Before After DSBM-400 SBU DSBM-400 FU DRS-FLOOR ® SPECIAL SOLUTIONS