In contrast to the various floor coatings (epoxy, polimers, hard aggregate toppings, dry shakes etc.) the drs-floor technology doesn ́t comprise any external coating on the concrete surface, but modifies the concrete itself, improves its technical properties without any risk of delamination between the layers.


Optical characteristics

- industrial and commercial floors
- mat or high-gloss surfaces
- with predicted and adjustable properties


Decorative variety
- colouring through pigmentation, semi-transparent colours or through surface painting
- easy production of multicolour surface paintings (company´s logo, markings etc.)


- high-reflective surface
- more light in the premises
- saving of electricity costs
- comfortable ambience





Technical performance characteristics

- high strength and hardness

- excellent wear resistance

- non-dusting surface

- good slipping resistance (safety for your staff and visitors)



Dense and stain resistant surface

- water permeability

- protection against stains, oils, chemicals and other impurities

- adjustable protection level against project-specific stains

-minimal amount of joints




Low wear of tires in storage and production halls

- even, flat surface ensures low tire wear of forklifts and other handling equipments

- low noise level while moving  over the surface



Cost effectiveness

Short construction period

- full load can be applied 24 hours after last construction step

- minimal requirements to construction place (temperature, humidity, wind etc.)

- concurrent construction works in the same premises possible






Simple and quick maintenance and renewal

- multiple renewable without dust, noise, smell and agressive chemicals

- without interrupts of premise's usage

- low expenses for maintenance and reconstruction



Optimal costs/performance proportion

- long life up to 50 years

- less maintenance and renovation required

- renewal with low time and investment demand


Simple reconstruction of old floors

- improving of properties of old concrete floors with densifiers and sealers

- cost-saving due to retaining of old floor material





Environment friendly

- no aggressive, contaminated and strong-smelling chemicals during construction, maintenance and renewal

- no dust pollution

- health-safety for workers, users and visitors



Local availability of all construction materials

- all components of concrete floor are available everywhere not far from the place of construction

- no need of transportation of various materials (tiles, stones, glues, primers etc.) from all around the world

- simple logistics of minimal amount of conrete floor components